Eaconomy’s Compenstion Plan

To succeed in the fast-paced world of Forex trading, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions based on reliable data and analysis. Eaconomy offers the most advanced tools for economic analysis and automated trading, allowing you to maximize efficiency and profitability. In 2023 and beyond, Eaconomy will be an invaluable resource for any trader looking to achieve success in the market.

Eaconomy provides innovative online marketing systems and success tools to support independent affiliates in their business endeavors. They recognize the hard work of their affiliates and reward them through the affiliates rewards program, which offers up to 85% of the total group volume (GV).

The global plan enables affiliates to earn income in markets around the world in which they operate. Eaconomy is committed to the success of their affiliates and pays up to 85% of GV as part of this commitment.

Their exclusive product line and generous affiliate rewards program make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals, whether you are seeking part-time income or a full-time income. Eaconomy’s fast start bonuses, binary team commissions, and lifestyle bonus offer opportunities to earn rewards based on your needs and desires

Eaconomy’s Packaging and Enrollment Option

As an Eaconomy affiliate, you have the choice between two cost-effective product packages: $149 or $235. You cannot be on both product packages at the same time. These packages offer a complete business solution and provide excellent value.

When joining Eaconomy, you can enroll as either a customer or affiliate. Customers only pay for products, while affiliates pay a one-time $29 activation fee and then a $15 monthly fee for access to their replicated website, back-office, funnel marketing system, Affiliate Academy, and Icon mentorship weekly live webinar trainings. They only pay commissions on product orders, not activation or enrollment fees.

eaconomy compensation plan

Product Plans

When joining Eaconomy, you have the choice between flexible product plans as a customer or independent affiliate. The available plans are listed below for your reference.

Customers have the option to order from any of the above plans without paying an activation fee. Independent affiliates only need to pay the $29 activation fee and then a $15 monthly fee. With your Eaconomy product purchase, you can access one or all of our transformative products and services.

Get a Free Membership by Referring 3 Active Customers

As a customer of Eaconomy, you have the opportunity to earn a free membership by referring three active customers to the Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack. When you order any of our products and services, you will receive your own website and customer portal, which you can use to refer friends and earn free products and services.

To qualify for a free membership, you must refer three active customers to either the Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack. If any of your three referrals cancel their membership or become inactive, you will lose your free membership.

If you are interested in becoming an Eaconomy affiliate and purchasing the $29 affiliate marketing activation kit, you can do so after experiencing the benefits of our products and services for yourself. This option is only available to satisfied customers.

Fast Start Bonus

As an affiliate, you can earn a one-time $50 bonus for each customer package you personally enroll. To qualify for these fast start bonuses, you must sell an Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack.

Fast start bonuses are based on orders recorded from Monday at 12:05 AM to Sunday at 11:59 PM and are paid out every Friday based on the previous week’s orders. This means that you will receive a bonus for each customer package you enroll during this time period.

Remember, you can only earn fast start bonuses by enrolling customers in the Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack.

eaconomy compensation plan

Binary Team Commissions

The Eaconomy rewards plan is a lucrative binary plan in the network marketing industry, offering affiliates up to 85% of their business organization’s earnings. Currently, Eaconomy is the only company that allows affiliates to potentially earn up to $1 million per month with no flushing, cycling, or percentage deductions from weaker legs. If you are able to generate sufficient volume, you will be paid in full. It’s that straightforward.

RankWeekly PayoutMonthly Payout
Influencer 500$125$500
Influencer 900$225$900
Influencer 1500$375$1500
Prodigy 3k$750$3,000
Prodigy 5k$1,250$5,000
Icon 9$2,250$9,000
Icon 15$3,750$15,000
Icon 25$6,250$25,000
Icon 50$12,500$50,000
Mogul 100$25,000$100,000
Mogul 250$62,500$250,000
Mogul 500$125,000$500,000
Mogul 750$187,500$750,000

In order to qualify for binary team commissions, affiliates must have a personal volume of 99 PV and a personally enrolled volume of 198GV on their left leg and 99GV on their right leg.

Binary team commission payouts are calculated based on volume generated from the previous week (Monday at 12:05 AM PST to Sunday at 11:59 PM PST) and are paid out every Friday.

Rank Up Requirements

RankVolumeTotal StudentsPersonally EnrolledPersonal VolumeTotal Enrollment Tree VolumeLeg Rule
Influencer 5001,98010/10329759450%
Influencer 9003,96020/2032971,18850%
Influencer 15007,92040/4032972,37650%
Prodigy 3k14,85075/7532974,45550%
Prodigy 5k39,600200/200439611,88050%
Icon 974,250375/375659422,27550%
Icon 1599,000500/500769329,70050%
Icon 25198,0001000/1000879259,40050%
Icon 50396,0002000/20009891118,80050%
Mogul 75594,0003000/300010990178,20050%
Mogul 100891,0004500/4500111,089267,30050%
Mogul 2501,782,0009000/9000121,188534,60050%
Mogul 5003,564,00018000/18000131,2871,069,20050%
Mogul 7507,128,00036000/36000141,3862,138,40050%

In order to be eligible for binary team commissions, at least 55% of both legs of the business must be customer volume. The weaker leg must also meet a minimum rank requirement and generate at least 60% of its volume through personal enrollment in the tree.

Personally recruited

To advance in rank with Eaconomy, you must recruit a certain number of active members to either the Elite Pack or the Elite Pro Pack and, in some cases, purchase the Affiliate Marketing Kit. The requirements for each rank are listed below:

  • Apprentice: Requires 3 customers
  • Influencer 500: Requires 3 customers
  • Influencer 900: Requires 3 customers
  • Influencer 1500: Requires 3 active affiliates
  • Prodigy 3k: Requires 3 active affiliates
  • Prodigy 5k: Requires 4 active affiliates
  • Icon 9: Requires 6 active affiliates
  • Icon 15: Requires 6 active affiliates and 1 Apprentice
  • Icon 25: Requires 6 active affiliates and 2 Apprentices
  • Icon 50: Requires 6 active affiliates and 3 Apprentices
  • Mogul 75: Requires 6 active affiliates and 4 Apprentices
  • Mogul 100: Requires 6 active affiliates and 5 Apprentices

Note that for the ranks of Icon 15 to Mogul 100, the requirement for Apprentices can be fulfilled by someone who you personally referred and who has exceeded the rank of Apprentice.

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